What is the Upper Room Squad (URS)?

It is teen lead, teen organized, teen focused with FOOD, FUN, FELLOWSHIP and FAITH! It runs from 6-8pm on Sunday nights and teens of all faiths are welcome.

The night starts with an enthusiastic opening prayer! Then we do an ice breaker or a fun game to get kicked off right from the get go! Sometimes it's just okay, but most of the time it’s super Fun! After a “mildly competitive” game – that is always different each week – the teens go over to the church.

While at the church we break the teens in to groups of 5-10 people.  In those groups a teen will lead what we call a “Gospel Contemplation.” The GC is a passage from the Old or New Testament which is read and considered in light of the Good News of Jesus Christ. The questions and discussions are always a powerful experience of fellowship and faith for both the younger and older teens to encounter Jesus Christ!

To conclude their time at the church the group will then head to the upper room (the choir loft) of the church for a talk by one of our adult leaders, a testimony from one of our teens, or a talk form a visiting speaker.

The night ends with more fellowship and pizza back over in the cafeteria - it’s the happiest place on earth!